Paulina Perez

What is Acoustic Greenery?

Conscious Design Initiatives Innovation in fostering well-being starts with conscious, attentive design. Today, we’re fortunate to recognize that human-centered design goes beyond creating visually appealing wall and ceiling interiors; it also cultivates functional and conducive spaces. As the significance of Biophilia, Sustainability, and Wellness becomes increasingly apparent, they serve as guiding principles, driving us towards

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Thick Jungle by CSI Creative features a PET felt wall with a large swooping lush greenery feature integrated. There are two chairs and a table in the foreground.

Biophilia and Biophilic Design

In recent years, the fields of architecture and interior design have embraced various strategies aimed at promoting the creation of spaces with the look of a natural environment that are not only sustainable but also conducive to human wellbeing. This emerging trend in responsible design seeks to enhance the human cognitive and emotional response to

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