& Scalein interior design

The idea of scale and proportion revolves around how components fit together in your space. Proportion refers to how well those pieces fit together. Scale refers to how well your pieces fit in your space.

Scale based on
human proportions

Humans judge the scale of something according to body size. Some of the most common adjectives that apply to scale include: • Life-sized • Miniature • Oversized • Enormous


Da Vinci
Vitruvian man.

The Vitruvian man study shows Da Vinci’s interest in human proportion as the center of the Universe.
He strongly believed the workings of the human body to be any analogy for the workings of the Universe.

Human proportion
in relation to

Ergonomics is the science concerned with designing and arranging objects people use, so that the people and objects interact efficiently and safely.

Human Proportion
and Anthropometry

Anthropometry is based on the premise that proportions of the human body affect the proportions and limitations of objects playing a role in how we move and interact with our surroundings

Human scale
in Architecture

We perceive architecture through our senses. We interpret architectural scale in comparison to our bodies.
The expression of functional, spiritual , Institutional or commemorative buildings are tied to human scale, human perception and manipulation.


Proportion and CSI® clouds

In a contemporary “open deck” design configurations, our Connect Clouds will bring (in addition of acoustical performance) a sense of proportion and purpose within a public gathering space, such as lounges and lobbies.

The power of clouds

Quotes and Samples

Scale and
CSI® baffles

The harshness of an existing waiting area could be easily transformed into an inviting and warm space by implementing our Single Baffles solutions, specially designed for those spatial interactions.

The power of baffles

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Proportion and
CSI® surfaces

When designing for an extremely tall feature wall, you can implement any of our Acoustic Infinity solutions where human Scale and Proportion will be easily achieved, engaging your customers in a comfortable, immersive experience

The power of surfaces

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