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ThermaLeaf® by Plantscape Commercial Silk is a trademarked brand of artificial foliage whereby the fire retardant chemicals are infused into the raw materials at a molecular level during the manufacturing process, creating the safest self-extinguishing foliage in the industry today.

Fire Code Compliant

Cost Effective

Dust Resistant

Lifetime Guarantee

ThermaLeaf® Injection Mold vs Topical Treatment Alternatives

In the past, untreated or poorly treated replica foliage has been a catalyst in multiple structure fires. Though the initial cause is typically human error, untreated plastic foliage has caused flames to grow rapidly, causing burning plastic to rain down, and toxic fumes to fill the air.

While topical chemical treatments help to reduce fire spread, they don’t last forever. Over time, the chemical treatment will weaken, leaving you guessing as to whether or not you’re protected. ThermaLeaf® inherently fire-resistant foliage doesn’t rely on repeated chemical treatments, and comes with a lifetime guarantee for your continued peace of mind.

Fire Treatment

Fire safe chemicals fused into the plant materials during manufacturing

Sprayed or dipped in topical fire retardant Aftermarket Topical Chemical


Looks just like regular foliage

Spotty or discolored film, tacky surface


Will never wash or wear off. Periodic cleaning recommended.

Can wash or wear off


Extremely consistent. Mixed with raw materials

Inconsistent, dependent on application

Structural Integrity

Structurally sound

May degrade materials, cause wilting

Fire Code Compliance

Understanding the fire code requirements for flame retardant artificial plants and artificial trees can be a challenging and confusing process. Each State adopts its own fire code as well as every single municipality. In an effort to help our clients answer their questions, we have asked the Office of the State Fire Marshal in each State for the details of their fire code requirements.

The majority of states have adopted state wide fire codes that regulate the use of indoor silk plants and trees. The following list details each of these silk plant and tree fire tests and demonstrates why our fire retardant plants and trees are the safest on the market.

Flammability Tests PASSED

California Title 19

US GOV SIN 4722-06



NFPA 701 1996 & 1999 SMALL SCALE




EN 13501- N/A 1:2007+A1:2009

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThermaLeaf® Foliage?
ThermaLeaf® Foliage (Inherently Fire Retardant) is created through a process by which fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the materials during the manufacturing process. These chemicals are blended with the fabric as well as the plastic or PVC parts at the time the materials are injected into the mold, creating the safest fire retardant plants and trees on the market.

What is NOT ThermaLeaf® Foliage?
Foliage treated by spraying or dipping it in topical fire retardant chemicals is not ThermaLeaf®. Instead of fire retarding during the injection of the material into the foliage mold, topical treatments are performed as an after-market application. This treatment often leaves a spotty or discolored film that can degrade the foliage and make it look wilted, along with leaving a tacky surface film that attracts dust.

Who determines if artifical plants must be fire retardant?
The majority of states have adopted state fire codes that specifically address the laws concerning the use of silk plants and the fire test requirements they must pass.

Who enforces the use of flame resistant faux plants?
The local fire official having jurisdiction over the project will enforce the building fire code requirements and ensure products comply with the code.

How does the fire official ensure compliance?
The fire official will require that the product manufacturer supply the appropriate fire test certificate that complies with the building fire code. In addition, the fire official may perform a field flame test on the product to validate the certification.

What if I installed non fire resistant plants but they are required?
This can be a costly mistake depending on what the fire official requires from you to remedy the situation. The most common scenario we have experienced is the fire official will require all the fire resistant product be removed and replaced with compliant products.

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