About CSI Creative.

We’re a team of designers and doers just trying to keep warm in the heart of Minnesota. We started our company to create beautiful, innovative, and affordable wall panels that redefine physical space. We want to evolve this idea of modular, permanent panel installations into something that earns more than a second glance. We integrate our designs into the world to create contextual, encompassing works of art that enrich the physical world we live in. We’re at the front of a movement creating considerate, mindful environments—one wall at a time.

Appreciating beauty in nature is a foundational part of our design philosophy, and it’s through this lens we create our own products. Our dream is to build a world with seamless boundaries between art and function, to create a richer, more contextual environment.

We’re eager for new challenges that require custom collaborative designs, so we can together create installments that honor your unique vision. We think the most inspiration should come from the places you see most, and that’s why we do what we do.

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