Rhythm in interior design

Rhythmin interior design Rhythm in interior design is all about the visual repetition of patterns. Rhythm is defined as recurrence, continuity, or organized movement. When you repeat color, shapes, pattern, texture, or complementary pieces through space, you create visual rhythm and interest. Visual Rhythm around us Visual rhythm is everywhere in the physical world. In …

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Nature in Space

STACKED CLOUDS 015CLD-STK-015 Nature in interior design CSI Creative allows for a connection to natural systems, both visually and literally to provide the users’ awareness of natural processes, plant life, and natural system that represent nature within interior spaces. Visual Connection. Simply seeing nature helps our bodies find calm – regardless of whether that nature …

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Proportion & Scale in interior design

Proportion& Scalein interior design The idea of scale and proportion revolves around how components fit together in your space. Proportion refers to how well those pieces fit together. Scale refers to how well your pieces fit in your space. Scale based on human proportions Humans judge the scale of something according to body size. Some …

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