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Felt deserves all the praise it gets – whether made from 100% pure natural wool, or from 60% recycled PET plastic content (we use both)

Each of our products begins with a base layer of recycled PET felt; this gives the wall treatment or ceiling fixture its inherent sound absorbing qualities.

On top of that, we can add a layer (or multiple layers) of 3mm wool designer felt, available in over 180 colorways for maximum design flexibility.

Design With


More colors = better

With over 224 colorways of premium wool felt and acoustic PET felt, we far outclass our competitors in design flexibility.


We use sustainably sourced and feature rich Merino + Karakul wool

Refined wool has been used for centuries thanks to an incredible array of features like long lasting color, wrinkle resistance, anti-static, high burning point, insulative properties, shock resistance, water absorption – the list goes on. Our wool felt products are non-toxic and certified VOC-free.

NRC Rating

High performance acoustics

Our powerful acoustic dampening frees you from wandering white noise and irritating echoes. When fewer sounds are competing to be heard, conversations become clearer and distractions fade into the background.

CSI Creative offers what you won’t find in any cart-based experience: real solutions. When you work with our people, we do more than try to sell you a pack of products. We internalize your needs, whether you’re an architect, interior designer, or contractor looking to substitute products. We take in your information and work to learn where we can add value to your project by recommending elegant customized solutions, troubleshooting special circumstances, and making every effort to save you time and money along the way.

Working with us also means you get special superpowers over your product design. Need thicker material? Done. More color choices? How about over 224 of them? Need a special wall mount solution? We’ve got that too.

CSI Creative responds to the needs of your project site with solutions that were designed for you, not a one-size-fits-all blanket statement. We help you build spaces that speak to the soul of your brand. Creating the ideal brand experience within your space goes beyond color – you want people to feel that they’ve stepped into the home of your brand, and be surrounded by your color, your font, your angles, lines, and curves.

We’ve found a way to create that experience again and again by developing a relationship with our clients and exposing the best their brand has to offer through felt acoustics.

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