Blade Clouds 003
Blade Clouds 003
Blade Clouds 003
Blade Clouds 003
Blade Clouds 003

Blade Clouds 003


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Blade Clouds 003


Radically transform your ceilings and redefine spaces with Blade Clouds 003 featuring sleek aesthetics and powerful sound absorption potential. When combined to create a monolithic ceiling feature, Blade Clouds 003 convey a sense of unity that brings people together while establishing a focal point and contributing powerful noise reduction, creating a more soothing space. CSI Creative specializes in ceiling cloud customization, which means Blade Clouds 003 will help your ceilings match to the look, tone, and feel of your brand without compromising aesthetics and build quality. Build with ultimate design freedom, and get effective noise reduction without sacrificing the floor space. CSI Creative is your partner in customized acoustic ceiling clouds.


PoshFelt® 100% organic wool design felt


Impact resistant, shock absorbant


Non-deteriorating, non-hygroscopic, colorfast


0.45 – 0.95 NRC


ASTM E84: Class A


100% biodegradable/compostable, contains no formaldehyde, 100% VOC free, no chemical irritants, and free of harmful substances


Clean with vacuum or light dusting


Comes with industry-leading standard warranty


CSI Installation Systems are product specific (see Installation section)

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SND104 Pumpkin
SND106 Goldfinch
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SND112 Tulum
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SND123 Chrysocolla
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SND118 Anchor
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SND110 Starry Night
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SND711 Bleached Cherry
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