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PoshFelt® 100% organic wool design felt


Impact resistant, shock absorbant


Non-deteriorating, non-hygroscopic, colorfast


0.45 – 0.95 NRC


ASTM E84: Class A


100% biodegradable/compostable, contains no formaldehyde, 100% VOC free, no chemical irritants, and free of harmful substances


Clean with vacuum or light dusting


Comes with industry-leading standard warranty


CSI Installation Systems are product specific (see Installation section)

We Provide Custom Design Services

Any of our products can act as a jumping off point for you to begin your own custom design; if you can imagine it, we can make it.

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Seamless Communication

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Explore our vibrant collection of colors -
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PoshFelt® | 100% Natural Wool Felt

PSH521 Cocoa
PSH277 Shade
PSH161 Black Swan
PSH005 Black Beauty
PSH179 Arctic Seal
PSH520 Silt
PSH003 Otter
PSH176 Warmstone
PSH002 Heather
PSH623 Steel Gray
PSH299 Mountain Breeze
PSH266 Koala
PSH513 Gravel
PSH265 Slag
PSH512 Ash Plume
PSH001 Gray Matter
PSH624 Dapple Gray
PSH004 Porpoise
PSH625 Silver Chain
PSH609 Cityscape
PSH505 Garrigue
PSH515 Blizzard
PSH175 Dovetail
PSH178 Fawn
PSH127 Mocha
PSH006 Shiitake
PSH519 Cupcake
PSH300 Crevasse
PSH212 Vino
PSH211 Cherry Chutney
PSH180 Iron Ore
PSH146 Auburn
PSH504 Earth
PSH255 Tropical Walnut
PSH630 Sand Dune
PSH635 Eggshell
PSH503 Savanna
PSH637 Chiffon
PSH281 Great Plains
PSH545 Henna
PSH174 Cotton
PSH249 French Press
PSH253 Toffee
PSH621 Pan
PSH602 Cafe
PSH301 Tumbleweed
PSH118 Ivory Lace
PSH269 Canyon
PSH245 Fire Agate
PSH634 Amber
PSH638 Sunflower
PSH304 Sugar Cookie
PSH261 Pale Ale
PSH632 Peach
PSH640 Rusted
PSH532 Harvest
PSH610 Coral
PSH295 Sunrise Peach
PSH014 Knockout Orange
PSH218 Citrus
PSH307 Orange Nectar
PSH514 Red Wine
PSH633 Clementine
PSH527 Red Velvet
PSH139 Cayenne
PSH525 Olympus
PSH296 Paprika
PSH523 Violet Sky
PSH535 Guppy
PSH528 Ferrous
PSH308 Scarlet
PSH540 Devil’s Food
PSH644 Maroon
PSH210 Sangria
PSH617 Evening Gown
PSH530 Hot Iron
PSH649 Pomegranate
PSH627 Blackberry
PSH537 Cardinal
PSH544 Dragonfruit
PSH008 Bonfire
PSH142 Plum Purple
PSH009 Poinsettia
PSH615 Imagine
PSH546 Tyrian Plum
PSH273 Ultraviolet
PSH309 Allium
PSH647 Eden Rose
PSH643 Rhododendron
PSH137 Passion Flower
PSH205 Mulberry
PSH560 Schiava
PSH559 Monroe
PSH272 Hotwire
PSH202 Crush
PSH302 Heather Pink
PSH286 Viper
PSH646 Lupine
PSH612 Lilac
PSH274 Amethyst
PSH516 Actun
PSH614 Blueberry
PSH310 Deep Royal
PSH561 Neptune
PSH550 Mariana
PSH645 Space
PSH241 Tranquilo
PSH160 Admiral Blue
PSH239 Speckled Navy
PSH548 Ultramarine
PSH636 Navy Blue
PSH508 Oahu
PSH511 Lagoon
PSH152 Blue Nile
PSH238 Cobalt
PSH237 Hot Spring
PSH510 Ozone
PSH650 Waterfall
PSH502 Pacific
PSH149 Jamaica Bay
PSH616 Fountain
PSH631 Adriatic
PSH608 Diamond Dust
PSH287 Sea Breeze
PSH016 Freshwater
PSH306 Swell
PSH639 Glacier
PSH606 Midday
PSH605 Meander
PSH278 Squid Ink
PSH564 Jazz
PSH648 Aegean
PSH260 Twilight
PSH604 Atlantic
PSH552 Cancun
PSH641 Basil
PSH628 Cozumel
PSH517 Skystone
PSH626 Evergreen
PSH506 Bracken
PSH642 Blue Spruce
PSH228 Forest Haze
PSH618 Iguana
PSH311 Emerald
PSH234 Ocean Trench
PSH232 Seaglass
PSH629 Robin’s Egg
PSH563 Rosemary
PSH227 Succulent
PSH501 Mire
PSH298 Peacock
PSH226 Grove
PSH012 Shamrock
PSH303 Feather Moss
PSH225 Everglade
PSH555 Hemlocks
PSH164 Fresh Lime
PSH619 Springtime
PSH230 Camouflage
PSH213 Meadow
PSH562 Aurora
PSH554 Cyber Green
PSH556 Avocado
PSH013 Parakeet
PSH312 Safari
PSH611 Haybale
PSH216 Lion’s Den
PSH622 Corn
PSH541 Banana Bread
PSH507 Hive
PSH305 Dandelion
PSH293 Poundcake
PSH215 Raincoat
PSH015 Honey

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Soundcore® | Recycled PET Felt

SND133 Galactic
SND137 Cove
SND136 Clover
SND134 Oat
SND135 Vanilla Bean
SND132 Cast Iron
SND034 Granite Peak
SND111 Lanai
SND109 Macadamia
SND105 Sand Dollar
SND122 Briquette
SND127 Burnt Toast
SND108 Ablaze
SND104 Pumpkin
SND106 Goldfinch
SND113 Gruner
SND107 Grasshopper
SND112 Tulum
SND042 Denim
SND121 Apatite
SND101 Commodore
SND116 Blue Marlin
SND123 Chrysocolla
SND117 Serene
SND128 Arctic Ocean
SND124 Ice Floe
SND115 Mako
SND118 Anchor
SND125 Chinchilla
SND110 Starry Night
SND038 Inkwell
SND103 Storm Cloud
SND126 Wolfhound
SND129 Dried Thyme
SND131 Abalone
SND114 Lunar Dust
SND102 Morning Fog
SND130 Buckskin
SND019 Linen
SND037 Paper

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Soundcore® Wood Textures | Recycled PET Felt

SND717 Light Teak
SND717 Warm Oak
SND715 Dark Cherry
SND793 Vintage Maple
SND794 Warm Teak
SND716 Dark Teak
SND714 English Walnut
SND792 Dark Oak
SND709 White Maple
SND713 Honey Walnut
SND790 Natural Teak
SND712 Natural Spruce
SND711 Bleached Cherry
SND710 Gray Teak
SND791 Gray Oak
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